Random audits of IOLTA accounts to determine whether they are compliant with RPC 1.15A and 1.15B.  

          Strict liability standard applies.  

          No such thing as "close enough" when it comes to clients' money.

Our Compliance Audits
     Go through a typical random audit and find out where the problem areas are.  
          There is no duty to report any problems found!  
          Determine how to fix the problems.

Buying or Selling a Law Practice

     Make sure the IOLTA is fully funded

​          Acquiring attorney inherits all IOLTA problems

          Are all funds in the IOLTA and are the necessary records in place to show that?

The IOLTA Fire Drill

      Test your IOLTA compliance If all your clients show up at once and ask for their money:

                Do you know exactly how much money each client has on account?

                Are the funds present?

                Is there any money left over that's unaccounted for?


Lainie Hammond

IOLTA Trust Account Compliance

Helping lawyers & LLLTs with IOLTA Compliance, Audits, Education, and Overdraft Representation